What Makes Halloween in the United Kingdom Different?

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Halloween is an annual holiday celebration in United Kingdom on October 31. It is a tradition of most of the people in the UK to hold some spectacular Halloween parties where the guest and the hosts are dressed up as scary figures, ghosts or skeletons. Some of the common symbols for this holiday season include spiders, bats and pumpkins.

The Common Activities People are doing during UK Halloween

Halloween celebrations in UK include different types of activities which you would truly enjoy and some of these are as follows:

They are organizing Halloween parties where the expected guest and hosts that will be part of the party are dress according to the holiday theme.

There are some people who are gathering themselves into groups to watch for horror movies and films at home or even in movie theatre cinemas.

Children are playing trick or treating games. This is a manifestation that they are dressed up with their Halloween costume and knocks at people’s houses for treat of snacks or sweet. Those people who are giving out some treats may be completely tricked with some funny and Halloween jokes instead.

These are just some of the exciting and fun activities that are commonly observed in UK during Halloween. Halloween celebration was originated in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. There are also businesses and stores that are seeing Halloween as their great opportunity in promoting products that highlights Halloween theme.

Public Life of People

Halloween celebration in UK is not considered to be a bank holiday. Businesses, schools, stores and all other organizations are all open. There are also public transport services in UK that are running at its normal timetables. This is just a manifestation that even Halloween celebration is ongoing, people are assured that the usual routine they are doing as well as the usual places they are visiting are still open for their own needs and convenience.

Background of Halloween in UK

Halloween celebration in UK was believed to be originated in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Ireland at the end of the month of October. People always believed that this time, dead people spirits can still come alive at the same time walk among those living ones. They also believed that it is significant to dress up in Halloween costumes to prevent being harmed by some bad spirits. This could be where Halloween costumes originated. During the Puritan times, some Halloween celebrations are outlawed but was only revived.

There are different types of symbols that are associated with this celebration. The colors black and orange are the common colors seen around. Other symbols that can be seen in this Halloween celebration includes wizards, pumpkin lanterns, characters and spirits seen from horror films, ghosts and many others. Animals that symbolize Halloween celebration in UK include black cats, spiders and bats.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when it comes to Halloween celebration in UK. Knowing these things, you are already given a hint how unique and exciting Halloween celebration in the UK is compared to other celebration from other countries. Hence, it is truly fun and exciting to celebrate Halloween in United Kingdom!

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