Tips and Exercises To Flatten Stomach Shrink

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Many women complain that big belly and tried hard to shrink their stomachs. However, not infrequently from them, especially the women who have given birth, saying that they would never be able to have a beautiful belly, no matter how hard their efforts. However, many women who have had children still able to shrink their stomach and get a flat stomach and beautiful.

The problem you face is not because you do not have good abdominal muscles, but because your stomach muscles are still covered by excess fat in the body. So, burn excess fat in your body, do exercises regularly, and wait until the time your beautiful stomach muscles will slowly take shape.

If you include people who had long hoped to have a belly that looks beautiful and sexy, here are some things you need to do, and also some things you should avoid:

1. Cardio
Cardio or aerobic exercise cause your metabolism to burn fat is active. With increasing fat burning, body fat then you will slowly be reduced thereby helping the process shrink your stomach. So, do cardio exercise by walking briskly, jogging, or walking, or other exercises that you like, especially when the condition of your stomach is empty, also after your weight training session.

2. Interval Training
Interval training is often regarded as one of the most effective methods for the development of abdominal muscles, for both men and women. Do the exercise according to your fitness level. For example, if you’re jogging, doing sprints for about fifteen seconds, then jog back to the next fifteen seconds, repeat continuously and periodically. This exercise will burn more fat, so it is good in your stomach shrink program.

3. Exercise Endurance
Resistance or endurance exercise is an important aspect of abdominal exercises for men and women in general. The unique thing of this exercise is that you need to do this type of exercise with whole body strength focused in the mind, not just for the abdominal muscles only. That is, a strong mind will make your body respond to the same thing, and makes you feel stronger and have greater endurance.

You need to train all the muscles in your body to accelerate fat burning. Before you can begin to shape your abdominal muscles, you must first have to remove excess fat in the body. For that, they need thorough training in every part of your body.

Exercises using heavy weights is a form of resistance training is good. Make sure you do this exercise with good technique and correct.

What Don’ts?
Do not rush to make a decision to spend a lot of money to buy sports equipment that claims can shrink your stomach in an instant. Better you do weight training and cardio regularly for more optimal results. Avoid the habit of idleness because it resulted in your body is not active that can harm your health, and will hamper the success of your program to shrink the stomach and get a beautiful belly.

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