Summer Bank Holiday in United Kingdom

We all need holidays to rejuvenate the lost freshness! Bank holidays are a term which basically describes the public holidays. It is the holiday when banks are closed and so no major operations are carried out on this day. But not all the days when banks are closed are termed as bank holidays. Banks remain closed on Christmas as well as Good Friday but those are not bank holidays. Continue reading to discover more about summer bank holidays in United Kingdom or click for further details of bank holiday.


The last Monday of August is the lazy Monday for the people of England, Wales and North Ireland and for Scottish people it is the first Monday. These days mark the end of summer holidays for school children as the month of August indicates the onset of autumn.


The relevance of UK bank holidays dates back to around 150 years. Bank holiday was declared with the motive that nobody can be compelled to carry out the bank transaction on that day and if he does it on the following day then it is equivalent to doing it on the bank holiday. The people who read between the numbers (the Finance people) also needs some break! But over the years it came out as the public holiday which is celebrated by the people of United Kingdom.


While many just spend their holiday finishing their house chores, some plan short family trips to make the last holidays of summer memorable. It is like a mini festival in UK as people celebrate the onset of new weather, new phase of life and new excitements. It was also seen as a medium to spread the message against racism, poor working and housing conditions which immigrants from Caribbean and Trinidad suffered. The carnival in London is held on this issue where the participants wear bright costumes, beat drums and dance to celebrate the occasion. This carnival has gained lot of popularity and is one of the most sought street festivals in London.


The banks, schools, institutions, organizations are closed on this day. The utility stores open up on their own discretion. The shopping stores usually offer pre-bank holiday discounts to its customers. The sale season generally ends before this day. This time is basically to welcome the novice experiences in life and therefore the regular and daily chores of going office, school etc are given a break.

The holiday has also its opposite side! While most of the organizations remain closed on this day, many of them offer extra money to the employees who are willing to work on the off-day. Some are paid monetary consideration while some are given time in lieu which means that they can take the off some other day.

The schedule of UK bank holidays is published much prior to inform the people who can make their plans accordingly. If the bank holiday is Sunday then the authorities of the State are kind enough to substitute this holiday with any other day. The banks remain close but technology has bestowed its kindness on everybody as telephone and internet banking services operate 24/7/365.

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