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GUESS Europe was established in 2014. The store provided European an access to different GUESS products, apparels, and accessories. All the quality products as well as designer jeans are available on the GUESS Europe store. In addition, they carry with them the expected reputation and brand quality along with providing seamless shopping experience to their customers.

The great thing with the store is that it provides numerous ways to locate the product. Products are placed under certain categories which customers can freely browse. For a fast search, one can enter the product code or product name in the appropriate field to find what they are looking for. One can also browse through the Features proposed on the site.

Moreover, the GUESS European website provided all the valuable information. In case the information are not accessible on the site, there are reliable customer service representative who answer customer queries. Customers are guided from shopping (answering questions about the product), to payment. Every customer concerns and queries are answered every now and then.

In case the customer finds that the product is not suitable for them, they are free to return the product provided that they comply with the given requirements. For example, the store will accept the product if and only if it wasn’t damaged, worn, washed or used and the identification tag is still attached on the item.

Apart from reliable customer service, it’s also worth to mention the technical support of the store. The support then allows seamless shopping, eliminating technical concerns. Everything you need to know and every essential thing to guarantee satisfactory shopping. All of the shop features are simply created towards providing seamless and satisfactory GUESS shopping experience.

But the establishment of GUESS European store is not just about increasing their brand visibility or broadens their range but also to promote and support the social change that is pursued by every GUESS store around the globe. Guess Foundation has been launched in Europe in 29th of May 2015. This foundation simply supports the broad range of those causes aiming to communicate the social change they are up to. This is somehow in accordance to the aim of leveraging the company’s brand image of a confident, strong, and empowered individual in the global landscape.

The foundation simply believes that every person deserves equal opportunity to live the kind of life they desire. Along with the launch of the foundation is the launch of the “Denim Day” which served as the voice of women who are victims of crimes and violence. The program promotes the prevention of sexual violence and rape crimes.

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