Shopping Guide: What to Buy (& Not Buy) in November

If you are a real shopaholic, then you must be quite vigilant about what to buy at which point of the year. Nevertheless, if you are a careless shopper, then here you shall find a brief but useful guide to shopping in November. For example, you should make your electronic purchases from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We shall also deal with the items from every genre that will give you a complete idea about shopping this month.

What to buy in November?

Let us start with costumes
Halloween costumes are the most sought after dress-up this season. Most of you must have purchased Halloween costumes in October at full price. Whereas, November sale has begun that is providing a discount of around 75%. Perfect place to buy these costumes is from Halloween Express. You can easily make your online purchase from their sites and get your favourite costume at your doorsteps.

Sports Goods
This is the perfect time to purchase baseball items because renowned stores like Baseball Savings provide yearly clearance sale at this point of the year. They provide almost 50% discount on bats and gloves, and 80% on jerseys.

Holiday season has started and your kitchen must have all the necessary utensils. You can get about 60% discounts on cookware like pots, pans, ovens and knives in November.

Christmas time is arriving. Hence, your guests will start visiting your place. Before that, you need to arrange your house with the best furniture. You can get 50% discount on furniture and 70% discount on mattresses this November in Veteran’s Day Sale.

What NOT to buy in November?

Do not buy calendar
Buy them after the year ends. You get them at 50% discount only after the New Year.

Buying warm garments should be a “NO” in your shopping list of November. Purchase them on January when you shall avail a 60% discount as most of the customers have already purchased for winter.

Electronics and Computers
This is the season when companies launch their latest computers and electronic items at a high price. So avoid buying them at this point of the year.

November is the time when you have to pay highest for purchasing jewellery. Buying jewellery after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be the best decision.

Decorating Item
As holidays are on the verge, decorating items are most demanding in this month. So purchasing decor items after holidays will give you the best deal. Rather purchase them for the next year holidays.

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