Shopping Guide: What NOT to Buy in December?

Let’s face it, we all love discounts and deals, and December is one of the best months of the year for an ultimate shopping experience. This main question for the December savvy shoppers is that, can you acquire just a little bit for your money at after-holidays and January sales? Or, are you willing to sacrifice your selection to pursue much better deals? Here is a list what not to buy in December in order for you to have a guide for your ultimate shopping experience this year:

1. Gym Membership or Subscriptions – This is the first thing that you to avoid buying in December, as gym subscriptions and memberships hit their peak at Year-end, and they are getting a drastic increase in number in December. Many people like to have gym membership in right place, in order for them to be straight down to hard work in the early days of January. It is going to be like this for a short while, so just find alternative ways in order to stay fit. You can simply try home exercises or do some jog every morning.

2. Electronic Gadgets and Appliances – Aside from the Cyber Monday, the best deal for the electronic gadgets and appliances come and gone. What’s more is that any of the deals that you may find will be on the present year’s stock that the retailers are trying to be sold before the new gadgets arrive for the New Year. Don’t buy any electronic gadget and wait for the new arrivals to come.

3. Jewelries – Many people love giving jewelries as gifts this time of the year. And when the people love what they are doing, the retailers are charging them expensive dollars for it. So unless you really want to save money on necklaces, rings, and other kinds of jewelries, you need to do yourself a favor and wait for those pricey items to go down next year.

4. Calendars – Unless you definitely need to have a brand new calendar on the New Year’s Eve, you need to steer clear of the calendars. Calendars are very expensive in this time of the year in any store you look. But comes a few weeks next year, the prices of calendars will start to drop like rain in the Seattle. Expect at least 50% savings on the calendars and in February, the stores will be giving these calendars for free. And with the introduction of tablets and smartphones, does anyone still need calendars as reminders.

5. Winter Clothing and Gears – its December and it’s really cold out there. The winter boots, gloves, hats, big coats, snow shovels, and many other winter clothing and gears are market at full price for the next months. If you really need or want to have these winter clothing and gears now, you need to find the items that are offered at their lowest possible price, in order for you to save even a little amount of money.

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