Shopping Guide: What NOT to Buy in September?

With regards to saving money, the month of September is the best time to purchase lots of stuffs, particularly compared to August, July and June. On the other hand, there are lots of stuffs you should not purchase during this month, although a lot of people out there are purchasing them then. Here are the things you shouldn’t buy in September.

Depending on the person you ask, the month of January, February, March and April, November as well as December are best times to purchase a brand new television. You will never hear tell September. Stores and retailers try to sell TVs as much as they could until the month of November and specifically Black Friday, the most excellent time of the year to purchase one. In case you do not want to clash the hoards of buyers on the day after Thanksgiving, there are remarkable sales all throughout December and often times into January.

Buy cell phones once you see deals in June, May as well as December. Deals are seldom during the month of September. One exemption, a lot of electronic stores out there will put cellphones on deals during the last couple of days of any month wherein sales have been worse.

Fall Fashion
When do a lot of people purchase fall clothes? This isn’t a trick question. People buy fall fashion in the fall season of course. Stores and retailers understand this and are not going to lower costs if demand is high. During the month of September the demand for fall fashion is higher. Prices on these items dip in the 2nd week of November onwards, and then people are considering more about wool sweaters, overcoats as well as gloves.

This stuff often available for a lower price during the month of August, this is when the majority of parents are purchasing school supplies. It is one of those purchases which fly in the face of logic. In September, the choices of backpacks are poor, and most of the time you can find deals and sales.

Diamonds are likely to be the least costly in August and July, once sales are slow and accessories or jewelries are extremely keen to do business with you. October, December as well as January is the best time to buy this stuff, wherein the delivery is abundant. September is the month when the assortment of diamonds is poor and summer sales and deals are over.

Winter Clothing
Summer is roughly officially over, and fall apparels have arrived at shops and retailers-however winter fashions are also beginning to appear. From fashionable and trendy UGC boots to winter coats, September is not the best time to buy these stuffs. Rather wait till January or February when winter apparels which will be on deals in November for Black Friday.

So, it doesn’t matter you are ready to advance to a new phone or planning holiday tour ahead, September is the best time. However, be extra careful not to waste your money buying things that will be on great deals on the forthcoming Black Friday.

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Shopping Guide: What to Buy in September?

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