Shopping Guide: What NOT to Buy in October?

With regards to shopping, October is packed of tricks and treats. The month October is considered the calm before the storm by many deals and discount fanatics. Sales are nowhere near as many as they will be in November as well as December. It does not matter if you spending huge or pinching your pennies, it really pays to become aware to things not buy in October. Below the items that will perhaps cost you a lot in October.

From tablets and phones to OS’s, a lot of companies are releasing new machines, new models as well as new OS’s this month. Therefore, while it is the best time to get the latest technology, it is not the best time to get a deal on the newest in personal electronics.

Winter Fashions
It is too early in the fall season to see good discounts on winter apparel, and the best discounts on cold weather stuffs and accessories will not come till the month of January. If you can, wait until the last week of November, during Black Friday apparel sales, an abundant of clothes retailers will give their best deals of the year that might take a full fifty percent off the price or more than.

October is the month that you should avoid buying a new HDTV. Not because of their soaring costs, however due to the customer’s remorse you will upon seeing radically lower costs in November. And even as you might think TV deals on Black Friday are firstly on bargain bin sets, even new model will see discounts later in Holiday season and January. So, in spite of the HDTV you are looking for, expert suggest to wait till November when you will see many remarkable TV deals every day.

Once more, you will see good deals on laptop in the month of November. On the other hand, even more so than a television, waiting to purchase a laptop might simply not be sensible. In which case, wait for quad-core systems or technologies that dropped to similar price as laptops with dual-core last months for the very first time ever; 15 inches quad-core AMD devices hit a record low price of 250 dollars. At the present wherein the 2 categories have crossed ways cheaply, we think it is likely that you will find more $250 price-range quad-core laptops in the future, especially on Black Friday.

If you wish to remain faithful to Intel, 15″ Core i7 Haswell laptops and computers saw the largest price cuts preceding month, falling 20 percent from their August low. At 550 dollars, these devices pack a good amount of power for your hard-earned money. On the other hand, the regular user will still do well to a Core i3- or Core i5-based Ivy Bridge laptop which is only available for only $230 and $400, correspondingly.

It is important to shoppers like you to know what products to buy and the products not to purchase in a specific time or month, in order to save considerable amount of money.

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Shopping Guide: What to Buy in October?

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