Shopping Guide: What to Buy in October?

When most individual imagine October, they imagine yellow, red and brown leaves and bright orange pumpkins. Shops and retailer on the other hand think green as to them, the beginning of the 4th quarter of the year shows hope that end of year deals will augment their bottom lines. On the other hand, the fact that October falls between back to school and Holiday seasons, knowing what to purchase in October is anything but a no-brainer. However, if you know the things to buy, you could save a lot.

Buy Pants or Jeans
Retailers and boutiques and look to sell pants and jeans during back to school deals in August and September’s post back to school sales. The jeans have not sold in October have lowered price by as much as 40%. And look forward to 50% discounts or over at the fall seasons when pants isn’t expected to be a big part of fashion trends. So, less demand means lower costs or prices.

Buy Camping Tools and Equipment
Outdoor stores and big box retailers often discount lanterns, sleeping bags, camping tents as well as other camping tools during the month of October that did not sell during camping season. This month is also the time when campers sell their tools, and the array of used products or items is best now. There are fall garage sales that provide the best prices.

Beware of Diamonds
October is the month where lots of jewelers get their biggest deliveries of the year, therefore, choices is best then. On the other hand, this is also the time of time of the year when people start shopping for diamonds they want to give for holiday, so prices are normally not good then.

Never Skip the Produce Area
This is the best month for produce, most essentially when it is inside season. In-season produce is abundant, and grocers do not like to see it rot in the shelves, so they frequently offer it a very reasonable price. Vegetables and fruits which are in-season in this month include cranberries, apples, oranges, honeydew melons, peaches, broccoli, Bartlett pears, spinach, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts as well as peaches.

With the summer season a distant memory, travel discounts are plentiful to find in the month of October. Hotels and airfare are reasonable in places as varied as Beijing, Hawaii as well as Washington D.C. Not just that, the weather ranges between mild and warm. So, this will give you time to gather the place and see the remarkable landmarks.

Health Products
Flu season starts in November, however it takes weeks for the flu injection to begin working, so buy one in October, and it must secure you all throughout the flu season. Doctor’s offices and drug stores normally charge 30 dollars for flu shots; however some insurance providers will pay for them. So, do not wait till November, you have to grab this chance.

Knowing what to buy in a specific month or season will help you a lot in saving time and money. So, if you are planning to shop this coming October there are the things you need to consider.

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