Shopping Guide: What NOT to Buy in March?

Many people say that March isn’t really a deal hunter’s best friend. Even if spring is something you can look-forward to, there will be limited sales on the new season. In fact, there are things that you need to avoid buying. You have to wait and be more patient to save great deals on sales.


You have to be wise and save your hard-earned money to buy cheaper items after the month of March. This is the worst month to purchase washer dryer sets, dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances. You gave to wait until September since manufacturers release their brand-new models and cut prices of previous year models. For instance, you will see best sales on vacuum cleaners on the months of April to May. You will save a great sum of money if you wait for another month.

Warm-Weather Fashions

This one is tough. People have this attitude that when the weather gets warm, they get tempted to buy the latest trendy summer and spring fashion clothing. Unfortunately, March has the most expensive warm weather clothes. You need to control yourself and wait for another 2 or 3 months to score great summer and spring threads.


The best time to buy TV is during Black Friday sales and after the NFL championship game. If you’re determined to purchase TV this month, make sure to look for television coupons to save money.


You want to feel sexy even if Valentine’s Day has passed. Unfortunately, buying lingerie is not ideal for this month. It’s hard to spot on sale lingerie since both infamous and famous deal lingerie stores follow the guide of Victoria’s Secret. The said company conducts annual sale on the month of June. This is the best time to shop for lingerie since you will spot great shopping deals.


Games such as Xbox-One Systems provide discounts on the month of April. Don’t buy anything yet and patiently wait for another month. You will appreciate new games if you bought it under great discounts.

Spring Clothing

Stores don’t have plans of offering discounts on this month. Expect spring gears to have a high price. Patiently wait for another month or two. Those prices will eventually decrease.


The latest models of smartphones are available everywhere and they are at full price. This is the best time to spy on models you want to buy and give it 3 to 4 months to lessen in price.

Gym Membership

If you’re an active person and regularly want to spend time at the gym, the best time to buy a gym membership is before the year ends. Since most individuals’ New Year’s Resolution is to get fit, expect more people to purchase their gym membership. This is the main reason why gyms take advantage of it. They offer pricey gym memberships to customers. If you really want get fit and save money as well, wait a few more months and you will see gyms madly offering discounted memberships.

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Shopping Guide: What to Buy in March?

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