Black Friday in the UK

Retailers thank the police department of Philadelphia for the celebration of Black Friday. According to some researches, American police are the one who give the name for Black Friday celebration. The Thanksgiving Day was very important since this is the day that huge numbers of shoppers started to shop for their Christmas presents. In addition to this, the day is so essential to retailers and they requested the government of US to budge the date of the Thanksgiving Day in November. In this way, people will have more time to spend for their Christmas shopping.

Black Friday is usually renowned on the last Thursday of November. President Roosevelt decided to move the Black Friday celebration and after two years, it was finally confirmed that this holiday would be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. As the time passes by, the given nickname for this celebration started to be known in different parts of the world. This is one of the reasons why Black Friday has other meanings. In the UK, the celebration for Black Friday meant until the year 2010.

In the past, the only data that most shoppers encounter about the US craze was consumers fighting to easily get into stores. On the other hand, the revolution of online shopping and the augment of retailers convey Black Friday celebration across Atlantic. After four years, Amazon begins to offer Black Friday amazing discounts in the country of Britain. Every year, their offered promotions became well-known and this is one of the reasons why more and more retailers want to join. In addition to this, Black Friday completely hit the decisive mass in the country of Britain in the previous year.

Aside from this, there are disordered scenes as huge number of consumers hurried to purchase LED televisions, tablet computers, drill and a lot more. All of these were sold on first come first serve basis. Furthermore, Amazon will provide almost 3,000 deals during the Black Friday week. They will also offer great discounts on toys, DVDs, Canon cameras, Play Station and a lot more.

On the previous year, Amazon successfully booked 4 million orders during the Black Friday sale. But, this was beaten by 4.1 million orders on Cyber Monday since huge numbers of Brits order their Christmas gifts online. Today, analysts expect that Black Friday celebration this year will set a new record for online sale especially it falls on payday. Indeed, Black Friday celebration is successfully accelerating especially when it comes to shopping habits and shopping revolution. Now that most customers already know the actual date of Black Friday celebration, analysts expect that this year’s celebration will be brighter and bigger.

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