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Black Friday in the UK

Retailers thank the police department of Philadelphia for the celebration of Black Friday. According to some researches, American police are the one who give the name for Black Friday celebration. The Thanksgiving Day was very important since this is the day that huge numbers of shoppers started to shop for their Christmas presents. In addition to this, the day is so essential to retailers and they requested the government of US to budge the date of the Thanksgiving Day in November. In this way, people will have more time to spend for their Christmas shopping.

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What Makes Halloween in the United Kingdom Different?

October 6, 2015 Uncategorized


Halloween is an annual holiday celebration in United Kingdom on October 31. It is a tradition of most of the people in the UK to hold some spectacular Halloween parties where the guest and the hosts are dressed up as scary figures, ghosts or skeletons. Some of the common symbols for this holiday season include spiders, bats and pumpkins.

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Money Saving Tips for Students

Studying can be one of the most expensive endeavours for students even if they have scholarship or other types of financial aid. It is very difficult to balance your class schedule with the money you are going to spent in all the paper works and school projects that are assigned to you. Everything from your food, transportation, textbooks, and entertainment and school supplies can cost you a lot of money. However, there are already simple and effective ways on how to save huge amount of money even if you are only a student and these includes the following:

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Save More with Students Discounts at Student Beans

As a student, it is very important that you make sure that your budget every day is enough for your food and all your expenses. Sometimes, you want to enjoy even just a simple treat and then you place your hand inside your pocket to find that you just have enough money to pay a cab when you go home. So what you can do with your short and tight budget? Well, there is one thing that can solve your problem: to find the best student discounts!

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How NUS Can Make a Difference in Student’s Life?

National Union of Students or NUS is a helpful and voluntary membership organization that makes real difference to student’s lives as well as membership student unions. They are an essential association of six hundred students’ unions with a quantity of ninety-five percent of higher education unions in the United Kingdom. Through their member students’ union, they represent the interest of millions of students who are really on to create an immense difference in their life.

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Shop and Save More while Spending Less with UNiDAYS®

In this moment of time, students have become more conscious with what is new and in when it comes to fashion and most of them have the big desire to stay updated and fashionable wherever they are. What about if their budget is not enough? Being on a tight budget is the number one problem of most students and if you are one of them, UNiDAYS® can help you!

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